Structured wiring/whole house media distribution

Traditionally services like telephone and cable TV were home run or daisy chained to the street access point. Now everything comes from one distribution point, including all media (AM/FM tuner, satellite radio, digital media, CD/DVD, front door camera and HDTV) and your traditional services such as telephone and cable TV. All these sources can now be viewed and heard from anywhere in the house. This means:

  • Satellite can be viewed anywhere in the home without unsightly wires fastened to the side of your house
  • Front door bell now can ring on all telephones in the house (with a distinctive ring!)
  • Outlets throughout the house can now be changed from cable TV to satellite and a telephone jack can become a Internet or VoIP outlet.

All with one call to Hook It Up Solutions!

Some of these services may seem like luxuries but keep in mind that people once said the same thing about electricity and running water in the home!

Home Theatre

A home theatre can become the centerpiece of any new home. Hook It Up Solutions can help you create the ideal atmosphere for enjoying your home theatre system. For example:

  • Speakers can be mounted in the walls or ceiling so they don’t take up space on the floor
  • Components can be placed in a separate room or closet - another space saver

A TV mount may seem straightforward but there are many things to consider:
  • Do I have the right cables?
  • What is the best height for my TV?
  • Do I want an angled or articulating mount?

With all the new developments in the world of home theatre, let Hook It Up Solutions help you figure out what is right for you.