Most security companies are only after one thing: signing you up to a monitoring contract. We can provide this service if so required but if you only need a stand alone system or don't want to commit to a contract because you were burnt before, Hook It Up Solutions is your answer. We can install a security system with no pressure to commit to monitoring. A security system can do a lot more than fend off a burglary. It can also offer:

  • The ability to receive an email to your PDA/Blackberry or a text message to your cell phone when your kids come home from school
  • If a water leak develops at your home or business when your out of town a friend or neighbour can be notified to check it out
  • A CO2 detector can let you know there is a leak before anyone in the building gets hurt

Hook It Up Solutions can offer the following CCTV options:

  • As more and more small businesses and homes are connected to the web you can now take advantage of being able to see your home or business on-line via IP cameras
  • We also offer a more traditional service of a dedicated DVR (digital video recorder that acts like a VCR)
Not too sure if your current security/CCTV system is in need of an upgrade? We will be glad to take a look.

Access control

  • Don’t know who is coming and going from your building?
  • Tired of having the locks changed whenever someone loses their keys?

Having a access control system allows you to pick and choose who has access, with easy to use software. You can change someone's access immediately (when they're hired or fired - it doesn't matter.)